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Hi everyone,

We are working hard to keep the site Up and keep adding Support for new tools and Devices.

We are Working on K3 and the other Newer Lg Devices to Bring you new Root-kits .


We are trying to put together a 1 click FRP service and are working on that too.

We Have the Frankin_Fone Project that turns a Zone3 into a K4-k121

and that’s a result of The GSM zone3 project…(just an avenue we explored)

on the GSM project we Have Data and SMS working on the Zone3 But still fighting with the correct values for it’s IMS application so that the Calls are routed over IP on LTE connection…

But it was Pretty close since I can put my Cricket/AIO sim in it and Use Talkatone to make a phone call over Ip over LTE… ON Verizon Zone3…


Many of our projects are in Beta testing But we are re-organizing our whole program so the sign-up form is currently not available…

However if you want to be a BetaTester send us an email at

if you have questions or comments please feel free to post them here thanks,


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  1. Hi everyone ,
    I just Wish to Extend A Great Big Thanks to all of our Supporters ,
    Team Members , Honorary Team members, Friends , And Associates

    And all of our Readers and friends at Xda Forums.

    Thanks For Choosing Team_Astr4y4L

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